Back for More.

Wow. Hi. It has been awhile.

I haven’t posted in such a long time, but here I am sitting in class while my students work quietly on some worksheets writing a post.

Posting on this page sometimes used to make me feel better, and looking back at my posts makes me so sad because I was so sad.

Let’s just get right back to it…

Today, I woke up late…like 45 minutes late. It was one of those times where the snooze button seems to be hit without my knowledge even though I was the one hitting it. Once I realized I had slept in, I tried to convince myself that I was sick which was something I used to do ALOT…when I was in a bad place. As I started to make a plan in my head to stay home, I remembered how I need to be here for my students while my mentor teachers are gone on conference. (I am student teaching this semester so I am not officially a teacher, but while all of the theatre department’s teachers are in Galveston, I am in charge of the classes I have so far just been observing.)

For example, one of my students is transgender, and the substitute (who is legally required to be here for liability reasons even though they don’t do anything) is not supposed to call her by her old name during roll call because no one in the class knows her by that name. This is really the only reason I woke up this morning. To save her from that uncomfortable hand raise and awkward “here” when the substitute calls “Alan” when everyone knows her as “Leah.”

This reason made me think…I really am going to be able to do this whole teaching thing. Caring for and being there for the kids are the main purpose of being an educator.

I can do this.

Until next time, have a great day.



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